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Are you worried about your child online behaviour?

With the Coronavirus dilemma aside, what concerns me the most is how our kids are no longer experiencing real traditional childhood and, instead, they are stuck online interacting with the whole world!

The sad truth is that this makes them so vulnerable and makes them targets to predators of all kinds. Cyber Bullying, gaming addiction (and the rest) is no laughing matter! And you agree that their attitude can turn ugly when they are challenged about it?

The good news is, we developed the OYP method. It is a successful way to keep your child safe online without having a conflict with your kid

The first two weeks we provide you with information to analyse the real risks (sometimes you discover that your child isn’t at risk)

You receive in an easy to digest way Emails, documents, Ebooks and a risk report

After the first weeks, you have the initial quick wins for your child’s online safety in place!

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OYP method will be an eye opener

Do you know what your kids get up to online. You may have tried to approach them without getting into a fight or butting heads. Why won’t they let you into their issue? This method show you how you can transform this in 4 fundamental steps.

You are not alone

 Its risk free and we have a proven plan to help you sail through these very concerning issues for your child, teen, tween.

Natural communication

Our method is based on modern marketing. Modern marketing is driven by storytelling, and storytelling is driven by creating a sound communication plan. This entails developing a clear understanding of how we’ll reach your child/family with the right messages to meaningfully move the needle for your child/family.