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Our method consists of 4 phases and 3 decision steps. Please see the timeline below.


  • Decision step 1: Start with Phase 1 This phase is the convincing parent phase, where you experience what our approach is. With our info package, you can make your first action plan (quick wins) to help to improve your child’s safety online. Register for phase 1
  • Decision step 2: Decision to proceed with Phase 2 After we convinced you in Phase 1, you have to convince your child to allow us to engage with your child to set up our plan, which is specific for your child. At the same time, you go more in-depth to analyse the risks and to learn precisely what your child’s online behaviour is. After this phase, you will know exactly what the possible risks are for your child. Already convinced? Please proceed with Phase 2. Register for phase 1&2
  • Decision step 3: Proceed with OYP method When we are at the end of Phase 2, you will evaluate if you need extra support. This support is possible in Phase 3, where we will analyse your outcomes of the risk analysis and online behaviour of your child and family. We craft an action plan and start with carrying out the actions for your family to protect your child and family. Register for phase 1&2
  • Phase 4 In Phase 4, we analyse our actions, and if necessary, we adjust actions. We keep on doing work for as long as needed. Every week/month/quarter we report to you what the status is and you decide how long we will continue our work — success guaranteed. And your kid? they hardly notice; it is natural for them. But it is important to do it step by step and to start with Phase 1. Register for phase 1&2

Time remaining for our free offer!

We understand that you probably never thought this way, mainly because we don’t use any restrictions, apps or parental software whatsoever.

We also understand that you don’t know exactly what our method is or if it will help because it is so new and revolutionary. Therefore, we give this to you without any obligation. You have the opportunity to get to know our method; we offer you Phase 1 for free!


Don’t wait any longer, just click on the button to register for Phase 1, and you will get instant access to Phase 1 information, and you can start to do the analysis.

Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Phases 1 and 2!

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