The OYP online tool

Please watch the video below, to see what can happen.

We developed an online safety method to help parents in a natural way to keep their kids safe online.

Don’t worry about the time involved; we’ve designed this method for busy families.

With our method, we use this member site as an online tool for you as parent. If you are a member, you have access to “The Family Hub.”

The Family Hub is full of tips and tricks for you to try. We have the answers to hundreds of parenting questions. The Family Hub contains a collection of articles on parenting for parents of all types of children. We’ve curated articles from around the world; we’ve translated many and written our own to provide you with resources you can trust.

Our content is easy to find and easy to digest where and when you need them. Our articles, videos and interactive resources are tailored to different ages and stages, taking you from an 8-year-old child, typically in third grade, to raising a confident, resilient teen – and helping you to look after yourself as a parent too.

You will also receive on a regular basis emails with hints and tips, guidelines, videos, Ebooks, family reports, etc.

But most of all,  our focus is on your children, and we use a unique and revolutionary method for your family, to keep your children safe online in a natural way. Find out how by clicking on the button below. There is no obligation!

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