Welcome to the Phase 1 member area.

As we wrote on our home page, we will show you what we do, without software, restrictions, etc., to protect children in a natural way.

Our method is based on modern marketing. Modern marketing is driven by storytelling, and storytelling is driven by creating a sound communication plan. This entails developing a clear understanding of how we’ll reach your child/family with the right messages to meaningfully move the needle for your child/family.

The experiment with you as a parent is meant to convince you that our approach will help to keep your child safe online.

In your case, our aim is to convince you to go to step 2. We use the right communication channels. In your case (we made an assumption), this is via websites, e-books and emails. Note: In the child’s case, we play safe, and together with your child, we determine what the best channels are.

Back to your communication plan (with a duration of a week): next week, we will email you 6 times regarding “Good Digital Citizenship.” The purpose is to make you aware of the “automatic way” of minimizing online risks.

We also give you access to 2 e-books to read about the risks and the quick wins to improve the safety of your kid; if you don’t like to read books, we also provide you with a set of 4 videos.

The last email contains a risk-communication form. With the provided information and the risk-communication form, you can draft a first action plan. We send this form last because we suggest you first read all the information before you start with the form.

That is also the end of our experiment with you. We ask you in the last email,  if we can communicate in your kid’s communication channels (Instagram, YouTube, etc.) the right information regarding online safety, so your child’s online safety will be improved significantly.

Although these emails and e-books just scratch the surface of this critical topic, hopefully, you will have gained a few new skills to help your family foster a safe, healthy and balanced tech environment at home! But remember, it’s essential to keep your skills fresh and updated with continued education and information.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: 85% of the families proceed with Phase 2 they are convinced that we can minimize the risk of your child to become a victim of internet predators.